Upon obtaining an exclusive license or other form of intellectual property pertaining to a product or product candidate, we leverage our business, scientific, regulatory, legal and financial expertise to help our partners acquire the funding and management expertise they need to achieve their goals. Our partner companies then assess a broad range of strategic arrangements to potentially accelerate development and provide additional funding to support research and development, including joint ventures, partnerships, out-licensing and public and private financings.

Our business model is designed for maximum flexibility, which allows us to pursue a broad range of products and product candidates with high clinical and commercial potential. This broad and deep diversification lowers the overall risk profile of the company. Our unique model enables us to act quickly to seize time-sensitive opportunities whenever necessary and provides us with a wider range of options from which to select the most ideal corporate or financial structure for each drug candidate. We also seek monetization opportunities for each product candidate at the appropriate stage in development.

The Fortress model was built to identify and develop marketed products and development stage product candidates. Given the Fortress management team’s solid track record of execution, this robust pipeline of marketed products and development-stage product candidates is well-poised to create value over the next several years. Please contact investor relations to learn more about this unique model. Creating shareholder value is our number one priority.

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