Fortress’ mission is to generate long-term shareholder value from the acquisition, development, and commercialization of clinical-stage medicines. Fortress currently has 7 FDA-approved dermatology products and 20+ clinical and preclinical candidates across diversified therapeutic areas including oncology and rare diseases. Assets are developed by Fortress’ portfolio of private subsidiaries and public partner companies. Most subsidiaries and partner companies issue to Fortress an annual equity dividend worth 2.5% of subsidiary/partner company capitalization and a 4.5% royalty on net sales. Fortress also holds an equity stake in each subsidiary and partner company; Fortress shareholders achieve value during appreciation of those equity holdings or through exits. Fortress also has the potential to receive distributions from subsidiaries and partner companies from Priority Review Voucher (PRV) sales, asset monetizations, and dividends from cash flow. 

Fortress focuses on acquiring later clinical-stage product candidates with existing proof-of-concept to reduce development risk. Fortress works with a team of medical and industry experts through which we have established 35+ new companies that seek to acquire new drug candidates to develop new medicines across multiple therapeutic categories.

For more information, please view a video with an overview of our unique business model.

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