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Fortress Biotech, Inc. (“Fortress” or “the Company”) is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to acquiring, developing and commercializing novel pharmaceutical and biotechnology products.  Fortress plans to develop and commercialize products that it acquires both directly as well as indirectly by establishing subsidiary companies, also known as Fortress Companies.  The Company will leverage its biopharmaceutical business expertise and drug development capabilities to help the Fortress Companies achieve their goals.  Additionally, the Company will provide funding and management services to each of the Fortress Companies and from time to time the Company and the Fortress Companies will seek licensing, partnerships, joint ventures, and/or public and private financings to accelerate and provide additional funding to support their research and development programs.

Business Strategy

Our overriding business strategy is to create a portfolio of marketed products and products under development that provide us and our shareholders a diversified long-term revenue stream.  We plan to maintain an economic interest in our development programs through royalty rights and will have equity stakes in products that are developed through the Fortress Companies.  Each of the Fortress Companies will have dedicated management teams as well as a management services arrangement with the Company to ensure consistent management and drug development quality across the Fortress Companies.

We are therapeutic area agnostic, which provides maximum flexibility, allowing us to invest in a broad array of new technologies with clinical and commercial potential.  Our streamlined management structure and extensive experience in structuring deals enables us to quickly take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities and provides us with a range of options to select what we believe is the most advantageous corporate or financial structure for the development of each product candidate.  Over time, our novel approach is also expected to provide opportunities to achieve synergies across the Fortress Companies.  We encourage collaboration and sense of team work among employees of the Fortress Companies.  We believe leveraging skills and expertise from the Company and each of the Fortress Companies will accelerate drug development and promote best practices.